Must read books for people in their 20s – I

Books are always underestimated in this high technology world. Everyone seems to be busy on their mobile phones, tablets or laptops for studying the things. But the books are always the hidden hero of our life, they taught us a lot of things from childhood to old age. Due to increasing technology mobile phones has replaced the books from the hands. Now a days everyone is too busy that they do not want to spend time with the books. But one can groom himself/herself by reading books. Books can help the individuals to understand the real meaning of life. Here I am providing the list of books which one must read in their 20s.





Think and Grow Rich was written by Napoleon Hill in 1937.  This book is helpful to all the people irrespective of their age, irrespective of their profession. This book tell us that how we can end our struggle and sufferings by just rewiring our mind. It consists real life examples of many renown personalities like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford etc. who lived a life of poverty, misery and stress but transformed it because they have faith in themselves. This book has 15 chapters and each one contains a principle that will lead you to create the wealth one desire. Anyone who wants to achieve something important in his/her life then this is a must read book.






Cultivating an Unshakable Character was written by Jim Rohn in 2003. It’s a great book for entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs alike. This book is both inspirational and instructive, and worth re-reads/listening, as it’s always a good reminder for every human soul about importance of building an unshakable Character so that they can weather any storm-of-life. This book discusses the pillars required to develop an unshakable character.





Learned Optimism: How to Change Your Mind and Your Life was written by Martin P. Seligman. This is an excellent book written by world class authority on the psychology of depression and how to relieve its debilitating effects by adopting an optimistic attitude to life. The author states how being an optimist can improve your personal as well as professional life. The book contains tests that help you understand/identify if you are an optimist or pessimist. Then the author explains different techniques of how to turn yourself in to an optimist. If you are a pessimist, do yourself a favor by reading this book. It can be life changing for you. This book is a result of many years of research. The author has worked had on the book and wrote the book in such a way that it give real results. But, only when practiced persistently.




The Power of Ambition: Unleashing the Conquering Drive Within You! was written by Jim Rohn. The Power of Ambition: Unleashing the Conquering Drive Within You, reevaluates the role of ambition in all aspects of our lives, exploring the facts, debunking the fiction and revealing the six life-changing steps anyone can take to build their legitimate ambition. The author explains how to achieve greater things by nurturing your ambition. It also teaches you, not to become a person who pursue success, rather become a person who can attract success.





Become What You Are was written by Alan Watts. In this the author tries to tell that Life exists only at this very moment, and in this moment it is infinite and eternal. For the present moment is infinitely small; before we can measure it, it has gone, and yet it exists forever. You may believe yourself out of harmony with life and its eternal Now; but you cannot be, for you are life and exist Now. It’s a collection of essays on topics ranging from Western religion, Buddhism, eastern philosophy, and mostly how they all mingle (and don’t mingle) together.





The New Psycho-Cybernetics was written by Maxwell Maltz and Dan Kennedy. This book is written by a plastic surgeon turned author. The author noticed changes in patients life and personality or the lack of changes after the surgery. Patient would become a completely different person after a successful surgery but also surprisingly some patients stayed the same. Psycho Cybernetics is one of the original self help books on which most others are now based. It deals with the self-image and the role that it plays in a shaping a person’s continued success or failure. This book deals with a lot more than just improving your self image though. It is jam packed with invaluable insight into a range of issues, including mental disorders.




Awaken The Giant Within was written by Tony Robbins. Robbins is one of the most well known self-improvement and motivational speakers. Even though his first book ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ was published more than a decade ago, it still holds immense relevance in today’s world. This is a book packed with plenty of strategies on how to take charge of your emotions, health, relationships and finances. It is a holistic book that offers timeless philosophies that can help you reach your true goals and discover your passion in life. It is one of the best and most comprehensive personal development books out there. The central message is this: you have the power right now to control how you think, how you feel, and what you do. Everything you could ever want, tangible or not, is all within you.
This book is for those people who are really passionate and fully committed to have change in their life. Once you start reading this book you will get to know lot of things that can make huge changes in one’s life .





The Closer’s Survival Guide was written by Grant Cardone. This book is full of useful closing tips (over 100) and is really helpful for someone new to sales. This might not be helpful for every industry and some examples might be (will be) considered uncomfortable and extreme to some, the book does help close more sales so you as the seller and also your buyers can be freed up to move onto more important tasks than struggling to make a decision or not. Use this book for good and please only sell people what will benefit them. It is simply amazing how a book like this can have such an impact on how you see every client interaction in a new light as you actively and deliberately move towards the close with a clear vision of the end result. You can’t just read this book if you want to fully benefit from it. You have to digest it. You have to do the homework.





100 Ways To Stay Motivated was written by Grant Cardone. Grant gives 100 actionable strategies that can help increase the amount of motivation you have. By having daily habits there is a sense of control that you develop in your life. This empowers you. We are all human, so we go through emotional slumps. This book is that kick up the backside you need whenever you’re in that slump.





Raving Fans was written by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles. It’s a decent read. This book uses a narrative, third-person format to show the reader the benefits of employing the mindset of businesses. Raving Fans breaks it down into three easy steps. Decide what you want. Discover what the customer wants. Deliver the vision….plus 1%. Exceeding expectations is important, but consistently meeting expectations creates credibility. Once you’ve become consistent, raise the hurdle 1%. The 1% keeps you moving ahead and focused beyond your vision. To be successful you have to be better than your competition……consistently! Raving Fans is not only an important read for business owners and employees that have direct contact with customers, but also for employees that do not come in contact with the outside customer. Good customer service filters down throughout the organization, not just at the front door. As you read this short, easy book, you’ll begin to recognize the concepts from this book in businesses that you frequent. Home Depot, Trader Joes, Southwest Airlines……. They all “get it.” And it’s so easy!